What should I do if Asbestos Piping leaking?

Firstly, if you are in any doubt ask a plumber to take a look at the pipework, but always follow your own intuition.  If your property is of an older style, then the likelihood is that Asbestos maybe present.  Call an Asbestos Specialist who will take a sample of material away for analyst.  If the pipework is indeed asbestos, it is your responsibility to ensure all asbestos is disposed of correctly and a certificate provided.  A plumber can not do this for you.  Once the pipework has been removed a plumber can then come and finish the rest of the repair.

Some Councils do allow small amounts of undisturbed Asbestos to be removed and disposed of at the designated disposal centre, however you will need to contact your local council regarding this service to see if it is appropriate for the pipework you have.    

Asbestos removal can be costly so if you are buying a property with Asbestos ensure your offer reflects the costs involved.