Maintaining Your Water Pipes At Home

Today I am going to share with you some easy tips to help to maintain your water pipes. Helping you keep professional plumbers away for longer!

1- Keep Them Clean
Keeping your pipes clean helps to prevent any blockages and damage occurring. This involves keeping your sinks and toilets clean too. A cleaner area like the toilet will help to prevent the build up of limescale which damages your pipes.

2- Not Using Chemicals To Unblock
When we first discover a pipe is blocked in our home, the first thing we turn to is chemicals. Especially drain unblocker. However, this can cause much more damage to your pipes. Try using a basic plunger or even sticking some thick rubber gloves on and getting your hands in there. Sometimes this can do the trick just as well.

3- Get Your Pipes Winter Ready
In the winter water freezes. This means the water expands, which can cause damage to our pipes. Having your pipes winter ready can help prevent this.