Two methods to clean your drain pipes

Cleaning your drain pipes can be a difficult task as often they are difficult to access and to reach inside of, therefore it really isn’t a manual job you can do. Luckily there are other ways you can flush your drain pipes to remove grease, debris, blockages and odours.

Method 1 – traditional drain cleaners – most general supermarkets and shops sell several different drain cleaners. You can purchase foam types, foaming or enzyme cleansers. Enzyme cleaners are made from natural ingredients and better for the environment. Once you have chosen your drain cleaner, follow the instructions to use.

Method 2 – Boiling water and dishwasher detergent. This method works really well and is simple to do. Simply boil water using your kettle or stove, mix in dishwasher detergent and carefully pour down the drain. If your pipes are plastic please wait a few minutes to ensure the boiling water doesn’t damage your pipes. Run your hot faucet for a couple of minutes to make sure the process has worked. If you are still experiencing issues, repeat the process.