Five Things to Avoid Putting Down the Drain

Keeping your pipes flowing smoothly is very important so as to avoid costly clogging and pipe back-ups. Some things may seem harmless but can actually cause quite a bit of trouble.

1. Stickers- from food items or any other stickers may seem ok but really even small amounts of glue, like on the back of stickers can cause build-up. They can also cause issues if they get into wastewater pipes and pumps.

2. Chemical fluids- such as household cleaners are not a good thing to put down the drain as they may contain toxic contaminants that should not be introduced into the water system. If you must dispose of these chemicals in the drain, consider switching to all-natural cleaning products which are less harmful.

3. Paint- not only is it illegal to pour paint down a drain it is very harmful due to the toxic chemicals inside that can contaminate water. Paint can also coat the inside of your pipes causing them to narrow and make blockages more likely.

4. Medications- can contaminate water, streams and lakes which could harm wildlife and ecosystems as wastewater treatment systems are not designed to extract medicines from the water. Unwanted medications should ideally be turned in to a pharmacist or if unavoidable, thrown away in a bin.

5. Coffee grounds- are not water soluble and can cause major clogging problems in your pipes. Instead you can either compost coffee grounds or put them in flower beds and pots as fertiliser.