Reducing Limescale Build-up

One common enemy of UK homeowners it the pesky occurrence of limescale build-up. It can pile up quickly and not only be unsightly but cause issues with faucets, toilets and showers. One helpful, inexpensive and eco-friendly option to ridding yourself of limescale build-up and helping to prevent it, is using lemon juice and vinegar.

Here are a few tips to how to use it:

• Lemon juice and vinegar, combined in equal parts, can be used in many areas. You could use a clean spray bottle to create the mixture and then apply and leave to sit at least an hour, or overnight, if you prefer, then scrub away.

• The lemon juice and vinegar solution can be sprayed regularly on tiles, basins and taps as a limescale preventative. (Do not use solution on plated taps, such as gold and it can damage the finish)

• For kettles simply add half vinegar and half water, leave to sit overnight. then scrub away the following morning.

• For dishwasher and washing machines, add a large cup of vinegar and a large cup of lemon juice into an empty machine then run a normal cycle.