Tips on Choosing a Plumber

Finding an honest plumber can be a tricky business at times. Especially for the more vulnerable, there are some very unscrupulous characters out there that would come to your house for a simple job, such as replacing a washer, but take advantage by overcharging for the job. Whilst there are still honest and trustworthy plumbers out there, due to the well-documented decline of skilled professionals, there are plenty con artists out there, that are ready and willing to take advantage where they can.

So when it comes time to find a plumber, it is probably pretty obvious that the best way is getting recommendations from trusted friends, family or neighbours, but if your house is flooding or there is some other very urgent issue, you may not have time to ask around. In this case, the best place to turn is the internet. There are a few sound options online that can help direct you to a skilled and honest plumber. One site to check out is the Institute of Plumbing. They are a registered educational charity and they have a directory of registered plumbers that you can search through via postcode.

In a pinch, there are always other ways to find plumbers such as the yellow pages or sites such as that may be able to help you find registered plumbers. Once you have a few numbers it is important not to use the first plumber you find but to ask them a few questions like:

• How long they have been in business and their credentials
• Ask for references or evidence of similar jobs
• Find out if they have insurance to cover your home
• Ask if their work is guaranteed and insurance-backed
• Find out if they are a member of a professional trade body, like the Institute of Plumbing for example

If time allows, it is important to thoroughly check a plumber out before enlisting their services, to help ensure you do not end up with someone who will leave you out to dry or drastically over-charge.