Common Summer Plumbing Issues

We all know that there is a range of plumbing issues, with some being more common in the summer over other seasons. Today, we are going to share with you 3 of the most common summer plumbing issues. The ones you should watch out for this summer.

Leaking Taps
It is common for you to notice that your taps begin to leak water more often in the summer months. This is due to there being more stress and pressure on your taps. The usage of our taps increases during the summer months. With most people drinking more, as well as using their taps to fill up their much-loved swimming pools. This can cause a huge rise in your water bill, come to the end of the summer months.

Slow Clearing Drains
Another common issue is for you to notice that the drains in your homes are draining much slower than they would normally. This tends to be due to them becoming blocked. It is likely for you to want to take a trip to the beach. Sand from your toes blocks the drain, making the clearing much slower. Hair loss is also common during the summer months as your hair becomes thinner, this hair loss can also block your drains, making the draining time much longer and slower.

Structural Damage
Structural damage to your outside pipes is extremely common during the hot summer months. This is due to the lack of rain, meaning the ground is dry, making your pipes dry up. This can result in cracks appearing in the pipework outside. This issue can take years to happen, with signs taking a long time to notice. But if you have any signs of a collapsed pipe you should request help straight away.