Maintaining your Central Heating System

Keeping your central heating system in good working order does not only help you save money but also your safety. Here are some tips on how to keep your heating system in great shape.

Have your boiler serviced regularly
The yearly service of your boiler by a qualified engineer helps to keep parts working effectively, lessening the chances of a costly breakdown.

Check your water pressure
Most boilers have a built-in pressure gauge allowing you to check the water pressure quickly. Check your owner manual for your specific boilers recommended pressure. 

Check your radiators
When the heating is on, run your hand over the radiator to check heat is distributed evenly. If you find the radiator is cool at the top and hot at the bottom, your will need to bleed the radiator to maximise its heating capacity. To bleed the radiator, you need to open the valve at the top and release any trapped air.  If you are bleeding the radiators regularly, you may have a leak in the system which needs to be identified.