Finding a reliable, professional plumber

‘If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.’┬áRed Adair

Finding a reliable, professional plumber – who turns up when they say they will, who does the job they say they will do, in the time they say they will do it in – can be something of a lottery. Unfortunately, anyone in the UK can call themselves a plumber, even if they have absolutely no qualifications in the trade. It’s also true that having qualifications and experience doesn’t also mean the person actually cares about the work they do. The simple truth is most of us have had dreadful experiences with plumbers.

But there are exceptions. And Dave Green Plumbing is one of them.


Although this is one service that you will never need, it’s still good to know that Dave Green Plumbing is fully insured.

Do You Need to Hire Professional Asbestos Removal Contractors?

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral type of impure magnesium silicate which is extensively applied in the manufacturing of many building constructing materials to make them fire resistant and insulators. It has been known that the asbestos fibres in their distressed type cause a variety of health dangers like lung cancer, asbestoses, and cancers of stomach, rectum, and oesophagus. Removing asbestos is a very tough task, and generally, it is recommended to take the help of professionals for doing this work. It is not necessary that you will be directly affected by this task, but it can harm you in many ways. So, you should look for expert contractors for Asbestos Removal Northampton. Continue reading “Do You Need to Hire Professional Asbestos Removal Contractors?”